Lanna Cafe purchases beans from 40 villages, across 4 provinces, supporting over 400 farmers.

Our coffee beans are sourced from the mountains of northern Thailand and then freshly roasted on-site at our shop in Chiang Mai.

Our coffee is grown at elevations between 3,600 and 4,200 feet. Our arabica coffee varietal is Catimor. The process that we use for our coffee beans is wet unless it is otherwise noted.

Our Light Roasts: Classic & Fullcity
Light roasts have gained popularity by coffee lovers. Ever wonder what makes a light roast so unique? The beans are roasted for a shorter amount of time, leaving the distinct flavors of the beans intact and less masked by the heating process. Thus, the beans itself are stronger in flavor, lighter brown in color, and less oily
Light Roasts



Our Medium Roasts: Lanna Blend, Honey Dew & Natural
Medium roasts are balanced in acidity and body. The beans have a rich and darker color, with more body than light roasts. It has a less pronounced brightness, yet the beans are still not oily like in a dark roast. Medium roasts preserve the original flavors while including the roasted coffee flavor.
Medium Roasts

Lanna Blend

Honey Dew


Our Dark Roasts: Espresso, Hill Pride & Premium
Dark roasts are full-bodied, thick and dense. The beans are heated longer and take on the flavor of the roasting process and less of the origin flavors. The beans are dark brown and oily, producing a darker cup with a sheen of oil in the brew.
Dark Roasts


Hill Pride


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As you can see, we have something for every taste. Come to our cafe for a drink sample, or order a bag and have it delivered to your door (no fees)!

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